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Planning Your Money to Reduce Costs and Expenses

    Planning how your money is going to be used is very important, reducing costs and bad expenses too, by putting together the two things you will probably have a few hundred left in your pocket. With the slowdown in the economy and the various information disclosed about credit card delinquency, special check and

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Loan with Guarantee of Property

  Loan with guarantee of property     Getting a credit product from banks is not a simple task, either because of the bureaucracy involved in the process or because of the guarantees that financial institutions request, to acquire the money is not easy. However, the secured loan with Banco Sofisa is an alternative for

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Personal Loans 5 Types You Should Avoid

  Applying for personal credit is often not as simple a task as most people think, check out in this article 5 types of lines of credit and loans that you should avoid not to lose money with high interest rates or predatory operations. If you are in need of packing some money, you are

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