Loan with Guarantee of Property


Loan with guarantee of property

Loan with guarantee of property



Getting a credit product from banks is not a simple task, either because of the bureaucracy involved in the process or because of the guarantees that financial institutions request, to acquire the money is not easy. However, the secured loan with Banco Sofisa is an alternative for people who do not need borrowed money.

Banco Sofisa is a great option for people who are thinking of acquiring credit using a property as collateral, the famous home equity mortgage used in the United States. In Brazil, this type of negotiation is still not much demanded by account holders, but is falling in the taste of the population because of the advantages and benefits to customers.

How does the loan with guarantee of property work?


This type of loan, as the name itself says, is a means that the bank’s client has to take a certain amount of credit using a property that he has as a way of guaranteeing the discharge of the debt. That is, in situations where the applicant is unable to pay all the installments, he has the property as a form of discharge.

Because of this, this type of credit is not widely used. However, while there is such a risk, using this product is one of the best loan options on the market. At Banco Sofisa it is no different, the institution offers credit from 36 to 180 installments, which means that the client is between 3 and 15 years old to pay the debt.

This makes this type of loan one of the most advantageous in the market, especially to get great values. In the Bank, it is possible to acquire between R $ 60,000 and R $ 2 million of credit to be used as you wish, from a retirement in the residence to the opening of an establishment, and it is not necessary to inform the institution of the purpose of the credit.

The loan with guarantee of property at Banco Sofisa is a great option for people who own one or more properties, as it is possible to use from a residence of their own to a commercial room as the guarantee of payment. However, it is important to emphasize that this type of product has several advantages and benefits for all types of people.

Advantages and benefits of contracting this type of credit


Advantages and benefits of contracting this type of credit


The financial institution has been active since 1961 which brings greater security to customers when applying for credit with the bank. Currently, the company offers through the Internet a much faster and easier alternative for account holders to mortgage a property. Through this link you may contact and request a proposal.

This makes the whole process of contracting the mortgage practical and without bureaucracy, since all the contact is done through the internet, and it is not necessary the presence of the accountant in the agency to simulate or to contract the loan. However, one of the major advantages of this line of credit is related to the payment of fees and the release of the loan.

In the mortgage, the bank charges a rate of 1.39% per month (18.02% per year), plus the IPCA (Extended Consumer Price Index), which makes home equity the lowest rate credit line Marketplace. In addition, the client still has the option of payment in up to 15 years, which makes debt repayment easier, in a way that fits in the pocket.

Finally, the loan with property guarantee at Banco Sofisa does not have the addition of additional fees, that is, the financial institution does not charge an evaluation of the property used in the negotiation, registration, legal analysis, and does not impose the client the contracting of an insurer.